Bespoke Furniture from Kubek

Here at Kubek Furniture, we've always been advocates of being bespoke, encouraging customers to allow us to bring their concepts to life. Bespoke is a celebration of craftsmanship and individuality. Handcrafted pieces stand as a testament to the beauty of artisanal skill and personalised design. Each bespoke furniture item is unique, reflecting the vision of both our cabinet makers and customers. 

Bespoke furniture, often referred to as custom or made-to-order furniture, is what the name suggests: tailored to the customer's specifications. It's not just a piece of functional furniture; it is a piece that fits seamlessly into your living space, aligning with your tastes, lifestyle, and needs.

Whether you desire a custom dining table, a luxurious upholstered sofa, or a unique bedroom set, by providing us with even a rough design of what you are after, we can help those dreams become materialised. One of the most compelling aspects of our bespoke furniture is the level of craftsmanship involved - the attention to detail and quality in our furniture means that not only is it eye-catching, it is also going to last for years to come.

We also realise that bespoke furniture is not just about aesthetics - it's about function, designed with your lifestyle and space in mind. Whatever size, space and home you have, bespoke furniture can be designed to maximise utility. We ensure that every piece compliments your daily life and makes the absolute most of the space available, without compromising on quality.

When you invest in bespoke furniture, you're not just acquiring furniture; you're embracing a tradition of craftsmanship, sustainability, and timeless beauty.

Ordering with Kubek

We are renowned for our signature, rustic pieces, made to be solid and distinctive amongst mass-produced furniture. Whilst the majority of the items we market are made in this style, this is only a fraction of what we are able to design and make. Whatever plan you have for your home, in any colour, material, size or orientation, we will do our best to accommodate you. 

As a team, we work in close collaboration to devise a design and price that can suit your needs. A basic sketch can give us a rough idea of what will be required, at which point we can give a guide on price. There are always questions to consider that will make the process quicker and easier for both parties:

  • What are the sizes and primary materials you are needing? If you require your space to be measured by one of our team, this is something we can organise for you. 
  • What purpose is your piece looking to serve? With the size and intention known, we can assist you in planning the exact specifications that will be put in place, such as doors, drawers and shelves.
  • What style(s) are you looking to emulate? Different styles will require different materials and finishes, which will also affect the cost of the overall project.
  • What colour are you looking for? If you are attempting to colour match, a well-lit picture or even a swatch will greatly help in us finding a suitable blend. For large items, the colour is very important to consider - are you looking for something similar to what you already have or a contrast?
  • What is your approximate overall budget? We work with a range of materials that vary in price so there should be something to fit your budget.

Upon finalising a design and materials, we will send you a link in which to pay a deposit so we can begin making your item(s). For larger projects, our cabinet makers are trained in fitting pieces such as kitchens, mudrooms and wardrobes, so this will be incorporated into the cost of the product.

If you have more questions that we haven't been able to answer, just email us at or get in touch with us via our 24-hour Live Chat. We will attempt to help however we can - we appreciate any challenge!