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FAST Delivery on PEARL DAYBEDS + GARDEN FURNITURE now! - see more info........
FAST Delivery on PEARL DAYBEDS + GARDEN FURNITURE now! - see more info

Our Handmade Solid Wood Products - The Kubek Process.

Our Timber's Origins

 Our main varieties of timber are Quebec Yellow Wood, American White Oak, European Oak and Tulipwood. The timber is cut down and kiln-dried, to help remove moisture and reduce warpage. It is good to remember that each piece of timber may be different, even though it will go through the same process. However, the majority of our timber comes from North America, which does not warp as much as European Yellow Wood. In addition to this, the timber we use is FSC controlled wood, which supports sustainable ways of harvesting wood and fights immorally sourced timber. We believe that furniture should be enjoyed with the knowledge that we are reducing our own carbon footprint through the re-planting of trees. For more information on this, check out the FSC website:

After being kiln-dried, the timber is left to air-dry in timber yards for extended periods of time. Once complete, the timber is shipped over to us in the UK, where it reaches it's final destination at our workshop.

The Quebec Yellow Wood is the basis to a number of the items that we make, such as the Authentic and Artisan dining tables, beds, cabinets and chairs. 

Our Products

Our standard dining tables are made entirely from Quebec Yellow Wood or European Oak, with a 50mm thick top, a 1" thick frame and 4"sq legs. Furthermore, our beds are made with 1" thick slats and come with a 'Lifetime Guarantee', meaning that should your bed ever break, we will fix it free of charge. As a result of using real solid wood, our tables and beds are incredibly strong as we also use the strongest fittings in the industry. 

We pride ourselves on making quality Solid Wood products in our own workshop and every piece of furniture is made to order especially for you. This item has been hand-made from beautiful Solid Quebec Yellow Wood, using traditional crafting methods and tools. We pride ourselves on using British Wadkins woodworking machinery, which includes band and circular saws to help us achieve a hand-crafted product and show all the characteristics of this process. The beauty of real wood means that every item is individual and will vary slightly with saw marks, strap marks used during transportation by timber merchants, knots, grain, colour and roughness of timber.

Our Finishes

Once our products are constructed by our trained cabinetmakers, they are ready to be finished in a range of styles. The most popular style we make is known as the 'Authentic' range, achieved with two coats of our tried and tested suppliers Fiddes' Wax. This provides the product timber with a darkened finish, whilst still keeping the grain and integrity of the natural wood. Similarly, our 'Authentic Light Wax' range uses only one coat of wax to leave a much lighter finish which is closer to the timber's natural colour.

Once finished, the final product is buffed, due to the unpredictability of the natural timber. 

The 'Artisan' range, whilst also only using one coat of wax, is finished with a grinding process, using an angle grinder. This means that the table is finished in a more rustic style than the Authentic products. 

Our last popular finish is the ever-more popular painted range. Once sanded, the timber is finished in a premium satin paint, normally in a grey, white or cream colour. This adds variety to the more natural wood colour but also keeps the grain of the timber at the surface. 

A Natural Product

Wood is a natural product and is subject to some natural defects. Each piece of furniture is therefore unique and will not matchthe showroom model exactly. Natural wood is also subject to shade and grain variations. Please be aware that sunlight, extreme temperatures and central heating or under-floor heating may affect the moisture content in the wood. Natural splits may occur but will not affect the structure or strength of your furniture item.