If you can adapt to change, then you will succeed!

2020, was a year like no other!

As we leave our ' Covid Christmas ' behind and enter another year and another lockdown, we know the road ahead is still long.

Did we ever imagine that getting a haircut would be banned or going to the pub after work and dining out on a Saturday night would all be a distant memory but it's times like these, you really learn about what's important and to focus on how we are living our lives. Who would have thought that a hug, a kiss or the touch of a hand could mean so much to us and was just taken for granted? The Internet has helped us all ‘keep in touch’ but it has also shown us that the power of ‘human touch’ is the most wonderful thing of all and we really, really need it!

The lockdowns gave some of us the time to reflect, but for many of us it took away time with our loved ones. Some of us had more time to spend with our kids, time to bake, cook, walk, play, read, chat and snuggle together. Simple times really! Others felt time was wasted being stuck at home, not being able to have the freedom to go out. Certainly those on their own during lockdowns need much more support.

The acts of human kindness from strangers throughout this year have been truly humbling, from fund raising walks, food parcels and sometimes just a knock on a door to someone on their own. Many will have lost loved ones, lost their jobs and their incomes and everyone’s freedom has been severely compromised, so it’s hard to find anything to be celebrated, difficult to remember any joyful times but there really were special cherished moments that really took our breath away. Our keyworkers were and still are. being outstanding, saving lives, caring, keeping us fed, supporting us and keeping the country going to protect the majority of us from this terrible virus.

Covid-19, the virus, the Pandemic, whatever you call it, it has truly tested all of us and many of us have had our lives changed forever. Here at Kubek, we are a family run business and just like many of you, the Kubek family are also dealing with working from home, home-schooling, missing our elderly family members, we have family who are NHS workers, some of us have had the virus, some have Long-Covid, our mental health and relationships have been tested and we have also lost loved ones who we couldn’t even say goodbye to.

Life itself is very challenging anyway, but 2020 has probably been the biggest challenge many of us have ever faced. Those of us who have dealt before with life changing moments, have the experience to support those struggling with challenges caused by Covid_19. We know we have no other option but to move forward, it’s inevitable, so why not take control, make positive things happen and if you can adapt to change, then you will succeed.

We just wanted to let you know, that like some of your best friends, you can’t always see us, but we are there for you if you need us. We always try to make it personal; we listen, offer support and best advice and treat you, as we would want to be treated ourselves. For us, it’s a people thing!

Why not visit our ‘Live Chat’ and start a conversation with us, check our reviews and know that our values are always focused around you.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, have hope and stay strong.

Top tip for your home this winter! Every home looks great with some sparkly lights, so why not keep the Christmas lights up or just get some new ones, Trust us, you will just get that feel good factor, my goodness, we all need that right now! #sparklylights

All our love and virtual, big, squeezy hugs

from The Kubek Family.