It's beginning to look like Christmas at Kubek!

Who's coming to dinner this year?
It's that time of year again when we decide who is hosting Christmas Dinner. Who is bringing the trifle and do we have enough emergency chairs! Don't forget the candles, Xmas jumpers and onesies this year!

In every home there is this big build up to the main event, our Christmas Dinner!
For many of us, it's all about the Dining Table. Is it big enough to fit everyone?
Lots of people may be having a large brood of people over this year and if it saves on heating bills that's a bonus!
We specialise in large and even extra-large Dining Tables to seat 8, 10, 12, 14 people. Need an even bigger one, just ask. By the way, check your turkey fits in your oven ( it was an easy mistake!).
So the clock is ticking with only 9 weeks until the Big Ho Ho Ho, so get writing your lists and checking them twice. Top of the list, get your new Dining Table ordered and make Christmas 2022 a very, special one!