Eco Loom Table
Eco Loom Table
Eco Loom Table
Eco Loom Table

Eco Loom Table

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Ecolene and ViroFiber offer the highest quality rattan fibres with a three year guarantee from the date of purchase. It is this guarantee and a number of other factors associated with their manufacturing processes that have led us to place our trust in the quality they offer.
• They tolerate a temperature range from -70 to +70 degrees Celsius meaning the colour does not fade or degrade.
• They are eco-friendly and contain no harmful Cadmium, Lead or Chromium that other manufacturers still use and can harm the environment.
• The textured surfaces look and feel like natural rattan.
• They have a high resistance to water of all types including sea water and chlorinated water.
• They are 100% recyclable.
• They’re easy to wipe down; requiring little maintenance.
All our alumnium furniture has toughened plastic caps on the feet to protect the set itself and the surface it rests on.


Height: 460mm
Width: 450mm
Depth: 450mm