Hugo Floor Lamp

Hugo Floor Lamp

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All joints are hand-cut, morticed, tenoned and reinforced with teak dowels to give long-lasting strength, even through the rigours of everyday use.

The tight knit grain swirls enticingly throughout – a hallmark of the highest quality teak wood which makes the furniture itself stand out and catch the eye.

This also gives it long-lasting beauty and unrivalled resistance to the elements if used outdoors – the oil content is high for low moisture uptake and natural resistance to chemical attack, fire and insects.

All pieces are eye-catching and different whilst at the same time being functional, practical and expertly made by skilled crafts-people whose art is passed down through generations.

In many overseas countries teak wood is being heavily de-forested leading to serious environmental concerns around the negative effect this has on natural habitats and local populations.

By reclaiming teak that's come to the end of its natural useful life in canoes, ox-carts and the like, local crafts-people are preserving the forests around them whilst at the same time giving themselves a sustainable income.

Please note: The dimensions of each piece will vary due to the unique shaping of teak root wood.


Height: 1850mm, Width: 400mm, Depth: 350mm