Maxwell Sofa in Brown Cerrato - Kubek Furniture
Maxwell Sofa in Brown Cerrato - Kubek Furniture
Maxwell Sofa in Brown Cerrato - Kubek Furniture
Maxwell Sofa in Brown Cerrato - Kubek Furniture

Maxwell Sofa in Brown Cerrato

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The Maxwell Leather Sofa is a unique styling of sofa that could be the focal point of your living room. Made with a luxurious, genuine, top quality brown leather, this sofa provides comfort and class. The materials that have gone into making this are of a very high quality and it is worth every penny spent!

These upholstered items are made to order.

We pride ourselves in offering upholstered sofas and chairs in a wide range of quality fabrics from established brands and leading textile manufacturers.

The most notable of these is the material known as Harris Tweed, sourced from the Isle of Harris in Scotland, a unique cloth which originated there. A world-famous fabric name, and the only cloth protected by an Act of Parliament, it is a luxury brand that we are proud to associate ourselves with.

As leather is a natural product, different parts of the hide will absorb different quantities of aniline dye, so you will see lots of shade variation. The leather samples we provide are intended as a guide and a guide only.

Tones, shades and pigmentation will vary from hide to hide and are subject to change from piece to piece. We are not interested in producing cheap sofas in ‘corrected grain leathers’, which involve man-made materials and substances as these often result in an over-exposed uniformed look.  The handcrafted premium leathers we use, treated with Aniline dye to preserve the natural, rustic beauty that makes each upholstered piece unique.

Aniline Leather is the whole hide or top grain that is used. The hides are soaked in a natural aniline dye, which adds no permanent colour. The hides are then further soaked in wax and oils to bring out the natural patina of the hide. It is manufactured from only the highest-quality hides with a minimal number of imperfections, such as bite marks, stretch marks and scars.

The best top grain hides are chosen, and nothing is done other than soaking the leather. We do not correct any mottling, scarring, insect bites or any other imperfection in the hide. We choose to highlight these imperfections, and as a result, each piece we produce has a wonderful natural finish, full of character and uniqueness. Each piece that you own will be individual to you, and over the years of care and use, will develop more character.

Armchair - H 1000mm W 900mm D 950mm

2-Seater - H 1000mm W 1760mm D 950mm

3-Seater - H 1000mm W 2010mm D 950mm