Teak Square Root Side Table
Teak Square Root Side Table
Teak Square Root Side Table
Teak Square Root Side Table

Teak Square Root Side Table

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Transform your indoor or outdoor space with the Regina Root Side Table.

Carefully hand-crafted from teak wood root, this table will add an essence of style and sophistication to certainly be admired in your home!

This table comes complete with a tempered glass top so you can still view the beautiful teak root design wherever you choose to place it!

What is Teak Root Wood?

Sourced from Indonesian forests, teak root wood is the most durable and robust material that is used to manufacture furniture!

The root is the oldest and strongest part of a tree which makes it perfect to create some of the most stunning pieces of furniture we have available!

Due to the nature of the root, it has a very dense grain and high oil content which creates a striking character to each side table!

Much like all of our root wood furniture, each table will be unique to each other so you will never have two the same.

It is important to consider the ageing process which teak wood undertakes. Initially, it will begin with a reddish-brown colour, though over time it will elegantly transform into a silver-grey patina.

Please note: The dimensions of each piece will vary due to the unique shaping of teak root wood.


Height: 550mm, Width: 400mm, Depth: 400mm