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Wholesale Bluetooth Heat & Beat Tower Heater - IN STOCK


Heat and Beat Tower Heater (012KBS)

With speakers at the top and bottom you can control the heat and the music direct from your phone! Download the App and off you go! 

This cracking new tower heater allows you to warm your outdoor space and blast the tunes out all in one unit.

The heater itself is of the highest quality using infrared carbon lamps to offer large heat range both above and in front of the unit itself.

See the full quality specifications below including an IP65 waterproof rating …

  • New stand heater with Bluetooth control and Bluetooth speaker.
  • Infrared carbon heating lamp inside.
  • Upgraded speaker system.
  • 1pc of 25W subwoofer at the bottom.
  • 2pcs of all frequency 10W speaker on the top.
  • Touch control panel (on/off, dimming, volume up/down, LED light button).
  • Six steps remote control (33-50-66-80-88-100).
  • Support Bluetooth smart technology (based on Bluetooth v4.1).
  • Use iOS and android system to control heater (ON-OFF, dimming, timing, Beat).
  • 1 Smart phone can control and re-name multi heaters (up to 1000pcs).
  • End-users can update software in order to get new functions.
  • IP65 grants the possibility to use the heater in wet and dusty conditions.
  • Grand size and extra reflector to give higher heating efficiency.


Length: 350mm

Width: 350mm

Height: 1125cm 

Weight: 15.1kg 

Voltage: 110 - 130v / 220 - 240v